Oboe in Großaufnahme

Curriculum Vitae

Jaime González, Oboe

Professional studies with Hans Elhorst, Thomas Indermühle and Heinz Holliger.

Since the year 2000 he has been a member of Ensemble Recherche, an important chamber music group for  new music.


Since 2009 teachs oboe at the University of Arts in Bern (Switzerland).


In 1995 he founded the Arundo Ensemble, specialising in the performance of woodwinds chamber music from early baroque until new music.


Prizes won at international music competitions include Asti (Italy) , Mannheim and Bayreuth (Germany). In addition he received a scholarship from the University of Chile and the Chilean Cultural Ministry as well as the “Gustav Scheck” music prize of the Commerzbank Endowment.


Several solo-, chamber music and orchester music performances in all Europe, Japan and North -and South America with a repertoire from early baroque until contemporary music.


Many years was he asistent teacher at the Karlsruhe University for music and he was also guest teacher in several music highschools and given often masterclases around the world.